We believe in...

Honing in on these eight principles to  help students become successful adults, establish healthy relationships, and positively impact their community.

8 principles:

We believe that seeking, trusting, and modeling our lives after God will help our students become the best version of themselves. This principle is key in understanding our paths and purpose.

Teaches residents to communicate personal interests, identify personal strengths and weaknesses, and understand their own emotions and responses.


 Foster respect for self, others and life. Mutual respect is encouraged between residents, families, staff, all members of society and the world around them.


Promotes positive adult role models whose behavior our residents may emulate.


We support diversity and the uniqueness of each individual and the culture that contributes to our natural and learned identity.


To teach individuals all the necessary skills to lead a productive life.


Development of skills and attitudes necessary for Multiple Trade Certifications, successful independent business development or employment.

A turn around for our residents into positive, productive citizens with essential skills to live successfully in the community and gain employment.