Funding is provided through tuition fees, grants, churches and private donations. In today's economy our program faces tremendous financial challenges.  

We wish to extend our gratitude to everyone who continues to support us throughout the year. Each donation enables us to provide the special care and attention these young men so desperately need.  

How Can You Help?

There are many ways in which individuals or companies are able to assist us in our mission.

In addition to financial support, we welcome individuals who can utilize talents, resources and time in their areas of expertise (i.e. computer programming, wood working, managing finances, farming, gardening and educational programs).

Another way would be to contribute basic items throughout the year such as:

•Twin sized sheets •Blankets •Pillows •Bath Towels •Wash Cloths •Personal care products •Books •Educational Aides •School Supplies •Board Games •Tennis Shoes •Jackets •Jeans •Sweatpants •Art supplies •Musical instruments •Tools


Please consider us in your personal, church or organizational out-reach programs.

Any donation or volunteered service is always greatly appreciated.


Donations may be dropped off or mailed to:

Alice Blount Academy - 582 Mel Blount Rd. - Vidalia, GA 30474

If you would like more information on how you can help, please call us. 912-537-7758 or email us at

Thank you for supporting us.

many thanks to vpd!

Thanks to our local police department for the lot of bicycles that they provided to our school! We really appreciate your selfless giving to our program and community.

thanks for your commitment to our students!

Mr. Bill White worked tirelessly to help provide our campus with the Piggly Wiggly building in 1993. The building is still in use today and provides a state of the art kitchen, cafeteria, office, media room, living room, and dorm area for our students.  His generous donation has helped provide a place for us to provide meals and celebrate holidays/events.

you really went above and beyond!

The late Mr. Russell "Pat" Taylor was an incredible supporter for our school and also served as a board member. His contributions include but are not limited to providing a building to our facility that was designed to comfortably house our students. His son, James Russell "Rusty" Taylor, has taken up those reigns and been an advocate for our program since our first meeting. He has provided our campus a school building and made numerous monetary donations to help us be able to provide our students with the services they so desperately need.