Young men come to us seeking help with any one of the following common issues: self esteem, insecurity, depression, low motivation, manipulation, relationship problems, drug or alcohol abuse, lack of purpose or direction and/or low academic achievement.

Teens who are heading down a self-defeating or self-destructive path need an intervention that will change their life and bring them home again.

The Alice Blount Academy offers a boarding facility equipped with a full range of service options for adolescents and their families. Each student is offered a tailored program to fit their needs.


~ We serve families locally and abroad

~ Individual, group and family counseling

~ Rehabilitative programs

~ 24-Hour residential services and supervision

~ Academic and vocational programs

~ Behavior management

~ Drug and substance abuse prevention

~ Independent living skills


We are a 24/7 residential treatment service. We are open on weekends and holidays. Our residents stay throughout their different journeys to accomplish the goals that are set by the program administrators and their families. We work closely together to create a team that supports each other. The length of stay is ultimately determined by how well each student progresses towards goals. The minimum recommended stay is no less than 6 months. This allows us to truly evaluate their progress and gauge their chance of continued success upon their return to their respective homes.