The Blount Youth Home was founded by Clinton Blount in 1983. He had seen too many boys lost to a system that was failing them. We had a recent name change to Alice Blount Academy in order to help our students transition back in to public schools and secondary institutions seamlessly. He decided to establish Alice Blount Academy in Vidalia, Georgia to assist young boys in their pursuit to become a productive member of society.

The Alice Blount Academy is a residential treatment facility devoted to behavioral, health, academic, and vocational training of youth between the ages of 10-18 in South-East Georgia. We are located on a working farm approximately 60 miles west of Savannah in the agricultural city of Vidalia. The Alice Blount Academy offers a full range of treatment services for adolescents and families which are individually tailored to meet the needs of each resident.

in memoriam

alice sharpe-blount

Mrs. Alice Blount is the mother of our director, Mr. Clinton Blount. She was a pillar in our community and was very influential in the journey for minority students having access to educational opportunities. Mrs. Blount only completed the fifth grade in school, she was determined that her children and grandchildren who lived with her received as much education as they were willing to pursue. Six of her children  and three of her grandchildren who lived with her completed undergraduate degrees under her direct guidance. She also had a tremendous influence on getting other grandchildren and great grandchildren to pursue college degrees. She encouraged Mr. Blount to pursue his dream of helping young men that were struggling to find their path in life. She would often visit the campus and provide encouraging words for our students.

annie rose jackson

We were fortunate to have Ms. Jackson play an integral part in the development of our program. She began working for Alice Blount Academy shortly after we opened in 1983. She may have been small in stature but her presence was much greater than that. She believed that our kids deserved  a safe place to live and could reach their full potential when provided with both consistency and structure. She was an excellent role model for leadership and integrity. Ms. Jackson worked with our program to develop a solid foundation that would soon reach hundreds of families during her time with us. Her impact will continue to be felt in the lives of everyone she encountered.